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Hi Susan,

I just recently discovered you from the Welknotes website. Well, what a treat I just had listening to the interviews with Guy Hovis and Bob Ralston. You are good, very good. Your love for good music of the past (music with a melody) shines through. I plan on listening to all your archived interviews. I’ve heard you might schedule something with Ralna English. I hope so let us know.

Again, thank you. I’m off to see a local production of the King and I with my 10 year old granddaughter. This will be her first theater production. Hopefully she’ll be “getting to know” what good music was. I look forward to hearing your interview with Shirley Jones.


Pat Beers in sunny Las Vegas


I just listened to Susan McCray & Guy Hovis, and wanted to let you know that was a great interview. Both Susan & Guy have very pleasant speaking voices, easy to listen to, so the 30 minutes went by so quickly.

I see in the archives that Susan has interviewed some great entertainers - Patti Page & Brenda Lee are two of my all time favorites, so am going to have to listen to their interviews.

Another VERY enjoyable person to interview would be Ralna English - I think your listeners would thoroughly love her. I've seen and visited with both Guy & Ralna after 2 of their concerts this past year, and they are wonderful people. Ralna is as sweet & beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, so would love to hear Susan interview her!

Thanks again for the enjoyable Guy Hovis program.

Peggy Wardenburg
Williamsburg, IA


I just went to the archives and listened to the interview you did with me. What a relief. It was better than I remembered. I didn't interrupt nearly as much as I thought I had. You were just wonderful. Thank you again for the nice plug.

I hope things are going well for you. Please keep in touch.

Michael Dees


What a marvelous age in which we live that the best of the early and mid 20th Century music is so readily available, and what a wonderful format in which you package the music and programming.

I was particularly drawn to your station when I learned that Susan McCray was going to do the first interview with my boyhood music hero, Johnny Mann, of Johnny Mann Singers fame. I guess it was 1967 that I first heard the JMSingers broadcast on WCOV radio in Montgomery, AL, and I was hooked to this day! First, Johnny had the ability to select the pop tunes that were truly popular and enduring. When he applied his unparalleled talents in vocal arranging and tasteful accompaniment, you simply could not resist enjoying that effervescent, clean and heart-stimulating music of the 60's (or 20's through the 70's). Second, Johnny had what seemed to be a captivating, warm, friendly personality...the kind of guy that everybody would just love to get to know personally. As I learned subsequently, that is exactly the person that Johnny Mann is. He really IS a great American Patriot, a Christian Gentleman, and just a friendly human being!

So when I heard Susan's first interview with Mr. Mann, it was like sitting with both of them in my living room enjoying a personal conversation. Susan's general outline for an interview touches on the introductory questions that anyone might ask in an initial meeting with a celebrity. She also has the instinct to probe the more personal areas of the stars' lives and bring out so many interesting facts that the listeners would all like to ask...if we had the opportunity.

Later I learned that Susan was to do a follow up interview with JM...and THAT was exciting. She seemed to turn the remainder of the unturned stones and flesh out the rest of Mr. Mann's great career and personality.

Now, if TWO interviews with Johnny Mann were not enough, She then tracked down perhaps the most gifted men's chorus director still working in America today, Jim Clancy, director of Vocal Majority in Dallas, Texas. I could go on and on about Mr. Clancy and his world-champion they are indeed the best ever! Susan, once again took the opportunity to record such a personable interview with Jim C. It was evident through the interview WHY Jim is able to pull such marvelous music from the men in Dallas. It would be impossible NOT to give your best under his direction. He is blessed with the gifts that create joy, celebration and warm humanity with his fellow man. There are few of Jim's caliber.

These were the two interviews I had the most personal interest in, but ALL of her interviews are precious jewels of music history from the greatest era of popular music in history. The music is so very tuneful, nicely harmonized, mostly uplifting, or nostalgic and expresses the emotion of two or three generations of great Americans. Susan's interviews MUST be preserved for posterity. In a few short years these recordings will be irreplaceable treasures. I look forward to enjoying more interviews through your archives.

Perhaps you have picked up on my enthusiasm for your work, for Susan's interviews and for your efforts to entertain yet another generation of music audience with the great tunes of our generation. A worthy effort indeed. Thank you so very much.

Thanks for sticking with my ramblings for this long.

With best regards,

Dr. Tom Hammett

Chattanooga, TN

Dear Susan,

I just finished listening to your interview with Ernest Borgnine and it was simply wonderful! What a kind, warm-hearted man...truly full of life. I wanted you to know that I listen to your show regularly for the very same reasons Mr. Borgnine pointed out. There are people you like to listen to and Susan, you are one of those people. Mr. Borgnine based his opinion on that fact that he thought you were so honest. I would rather look upon it as having genuineness. People want to talk to people who truly seem interested in what they have to say. You pay attention to their words and question with interest. Most importantly, you allow your guests to tell their own story and do not try to tell the story for them. As a listener, you really “Get to Know” the interviewee not the interviewer and I’m sure you would agree that that is the whole point of your show in the first place.

-Paula King

Dear Susan and staff,
Last night I heard one of the most wonderful programs on KSAV.ORG! It was Susan McCray's "Getting To Know You" which was the first part of a tribute to her father, composer/conductor/pianist extraordinaire Harry Sukman. I truly loved not only what Susan had to say about her father but also the musical excerpts were played complete with anyone talking over the music which is a sign of respect not only for the composer and musicians but also letting us in on the creations we may be aware of but missed out on the first time! In particular was the theme to the Franz Liszt biopic which is one of my personal favorites.
Hopefully, Susan will be on for quite a while as her program is always fresh and wonderful to hear!

Thanks KSAV for having the "Queen Of The Airwaves" back on the ether!
Yours sincerely,
Richard Jessen


Hi Susan,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful tribute you just did to Dabbs Greer. It was great to hear people from Little House On the Prairie talk about all that Dabbs meant to them. And it was nice, too, to hear that he was just as wonderful in real life as he was on the show.

But what surprised me was that you read part of my letter on the air. Lennon Parker from Prairie Fans and Prairie Talk had asked us to share our memories of Dabbs Greer at the Prairie Talk forum and it was part of that letter that you read on the air this evening. I was shocked that you would have selected it, but I am also thrilled to know you felt you could share it with your listeners.

Thank you once again for this touching tribute to Dabbs Greer. I wish you much success with your show.


Dear Susan, Oh my.....YOUR INTERVIEW WITH VIKKI ROCKS!!!! I have had phone calls already from fans of Vikki who loved part one of your special interview! What a special day for Vikki's fans....two different< CDs of Vikki being released, plus the bonus of having your show air the same day! Thank you Susan for such an incredible interview! I wait in anticipation for part 2 of this special interview!

Dear Ms McCray, Wow, What a wonderful interview. Thank you. I read about you from Ms. Carr's website, so I was curious. You seemed so very natural, as if you were sitting , having coffee in the kitchen, I really enjoyed the 30 min. and am anxious for next Tues. She seemed so relaxed in telling you her personal story. were you friends before the interview? I look forward to next week, If you have a chance, would you tell Ms. Carr the East coast of this country loves and remembers her and awaits her return.
Sincerely, Patty from Florida

Dear Susan,
What a wonderful interview with Karen Grassle. As a fan of Little House I was thrilled she was going to be interviewed by you. It was so nice to hear her lovely voice. I wish it was longer, I didn't want it to end Look forward to hearing Melissa Gilbert. Thanks very much!

Susan, Thanks so much for having me on your show. It was fun listening to the interview, mostly because it was so nice to talk with you and to think back a little about things. Your voice really sounds great on the air. I guess you're a natural at it, right?
Sincerely, Jack Jezzro

Dear Mrs. McCray,

Well, I’ve had a good time listening to several of your shows! I used to listen to radio mystery hour growing up and really have always loved radio. So it was a lot of fun to listen to the internet-it’s hard to believe it’s the internet and not a radio if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I enjoyed the interview format especially since you actually start at the beginning, with the “where were you born” question. Most folks skip that when interviewing and I felt that with that additional information, I had a much better understanding of how the person grew up and the obstacles, etc. that they had to surmount to be successful. I’m working my way through the fourth show (already listened to Henry Darrow, Linda Gray, and Pamela Roylance). The photo you have of Melissa Gilbert on the web is stunning- but, not a surprise, as she was always so pretty on Little House.

And, I just finished your children’s book. It is a very moving (and pretty) tribute to your parents, grandparents, and especially, your father. I’ll keep listening now that I know I can “tune-in” whenever I want on the weekends to the archives.


Dear Susan,
Just want to let you know I've listened to most of your shows, even though I'm here in Northern Ireland and they are great. You have such a gentle approach with all of your guests and your enthusiasm for your work really comes across. I wish you continued success and thank you so much for your contact.

If you have any idea when Karen's (Grassle) interview is going out could you please let me know. I don't want to miss it nor do any of her fans!

Thank you again, Susan.

Hello Susan!
It's so wonderful to hear your show and listen to all the interviews. Thank You so much for bringing this to your fans. I noticed that you interviewed several cast members of Little House on the Prairie. This show is just so awesome, THANK YOU again.

Take care & GOOD LUCK with future interviews :):)

Hi Susan,
I don't know about the suspenders but I do believe you are a natural when it comes to interviewing people and making them feel comfortable.
Best wishes,
Merlin Olsen

Hi Susan. Thanks for having me as your guest on your "Getting to Know You." show. I even learned some things about myself I had forgotten. The hour was fun, and I hope it was ok. Tell Dan thanks for playing my music. Keep on swinging, Your Sax friend,
Boots Randolph

Hi Susan!
I'm so glad your show is on every tuesday :). Congratulations! I bet you have so much fun doing the show.

I just checked out the link on your 'Getting to know' site about 'Harry's Piano'. I didn't know your father had such a great passion for the piano and that he had a career as an Academy Award winning composer. That is really great! The cover of the book is really sweet and it's so nice that you added a bonus cd :). I bet many kids will love it! I. I bet your dad would have been so proud!

I want to tell you that I really enjoyed the interview with Dean Butler. He shared great things with us listeners.

I also saw a lot of new names which you are going to interview including Charlotte Stewart. I'm really looking forward to it :).

Thank you for this great radio show!

Believe me it was my pleasure to chat with you. Anytime you want to do it again just let me know....and we'll do it! Many thanks.

Best blessings,
Wink (Martindale)

Susan, I'm glad that the show is going so well. I really enjoyed doing the show with you and being part of such a great guest list. Talking with you is always very special.

Merlin Olsen

It was such a delight and an honor being on your show. You made it soooo easy, Susan. It's like you've done the show for ten years!
Love, Lyn (Dillies)

I have thoroughly enjoyed "Getting to Know You" with Susan McCray. She has a way of engaging her guests that makes the listener feel you are sitting at the table with them. I don't miss a show and I hope you are considering making it a weekly show. I know your listeners would appreciate this. The broad range of people she has spoken with appeals to a vast audience and I'm sure there are others out there who would like to hear her on a weekly basis as well.
Cheryl, an appreciative fan.

I logged on to your web page and have listened to your interviews with Pam Roylance and Merlin Olsen. You did a great job and it was lovely to hear what these guys are doing now. Once again, many thanks for yor reply and keep up the good work.
Maureen, Ireland

Susan: Your interviews are just great! I love the questions.

Dear Ms. McCray, I bet you have a super line-up scheduled! You're such a talented, interesting person and you know everyone and good questions to ask.

What I really like about Ms. McCray's show is her ability to let her guests talk about not only the big events that we've all heard about, but the little stuff - the stuff that makes a person who they are. Thank you for a very interesting 30 minutes.
Los Angeles

Hi Susan!

I want to tell you that I really enjoy your show! I just finished listening to the show with Merlin Olsen. It's so great to hear about what he is doing now. I loved the interview and the memories he shared with us! I can hear you two are good friends!

You do a really great job!

Just the fact that I'm e-mailing you is very special to me! You are a great lady!

Kind Regards,
The Netherlands

Hi Susan--

I've just had the pleasure of listening to the Web broadcast of your interview with Merlin Olsen. Congratulations on your radio show and what, from my perspective, is a truly legendary casting career in Hollywood.

All the best,